1. The ‘rag man’ cometh.

It is hard now to believe that when we were children, men came around the streets collecting rags. I don’t recall them collecting bones, but I believe they did. The rags went for making paper and the bones for glue.
They had a horse and cart, or sometimes just a handcart, and gave away goldfish in a jam-jar or windmills on a stick in exchange. I believe that for enough rags even money changed hands. How they made a living is hard to see, but the cries of “Rags, any rags” or Rag-a-bone” would send us kids scampering into the house to see if we had anything to offer. Most times we didn’t, because clothes were repaired, holes in socks were darned and all children’s’ clothing was passed down to the next youngest, before it was ever ready for the rag-man.


1 thought on “1. The ‘rag man’ cometh.

  1. Very interesting Jim, I remember both the coalman and the rag n bone man coming down our backlane in Blyth interupting or games of football and cricket! The ice-cream man came on a tricycle with the coolbox between the front wheels and of course the popman came once a week delivering pop in bottles with screw tops. Happy days!
    Great blog – keep it up!!

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