33. The Licensed Victuallers’ School, Slough


The History has been moved to its own site at https://ahistoryoflvslough.wordpress.com

A YouTube video by Judith Kelly from 1962/64 has been added to that blog, but you can go directly to it HERE


5 thoughts on “33. The Licensed Victuallers’ School, Slough

  1. HI Mr Scott,
    I have read your history with great interest. I don’t expect that you remember me – I joined the school i the 4th form in 1967 and you were my formteacher. I am now reiters from primary school teaching and live in Exmouth
    best wishes
    Paul Goodman

    • No Paul,
      I’m afraid I remember very little of the pupils at Slough, It was a different time.
      Maung Tin Aye, I remember, because he would change his name to U Tin Aye when he reached a certain age and also that his (Burmese Ambassador) father sent a Rolls Royce to deliver wines and spirits to various staff at one Christmas 🙂
      Then there were the Valentine children when Dickie Valentine was killed in a car crash and Ivor Emmanuel who delivered his kid(s?) while still in his dressing-gown.
      I worked out that pupils in the 6th Form in 1967 could well be 69 years old 😦
      Happy Days
      Jim Scott

      • I am so happy to have stumbled upon your post; what a fascinating history! My father attended the school in the early 70s and I’m trying to do a bit of research. Do you have any suggestions as to finding alumni lists, photos, or more information in general?

        Thank you and best wishes!

      • Sorry Jennifer, I am well out of touch, but there is a Facebook page at Licensed Victuallers’ School Old Elvians (Slough) where you should find help.

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