I was Born on Tyneside in 1941 and I feel that the memories that pop into my head from time to time need writing down, partly because of self-indulgence, but mainly because they will get forgotten otherwise.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Howdy Jim, pal of photochippy,an steve ellwood, was one of the early birds !? ( so thats what we are known as hah hah ) this morning for the Voyager ,down to catch her swinging off berth photos if you want ,This is a first for me Jim reading blog

  2. Hi Jim, just found out about your blog. I was at LV 59-69, did physics under you and was Courage House. Left LV for place at Welbeck College then 36 years in uniform after Sandhurst. Still in regular contact with many from my year group including Claire Smith, daughter of Herbert and Elizabeth Smith. Kind regards and thanks for your input to my formative years. Nigel Lewis

  3. Hi Nigel. LV seems so long ago. I looked on Google Earth and it is unrecognisable as is most of Slough. Give my regards to Claire. It occurred to me a while back that as I was only 4 years older than my first 6th Form pupils, they could be 71. Sheesh.

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